Customers now have access to 26 locations!

Access your account statewide at any of these locations:


  • Bank of American Fork
  • Lewiston State Bank
  • People's Town & Country Bank

We are creating a community-banking family.

We are all part of a community-banking family, currently with 26 locations in Utah and Southern Idaho. Bank of American Fork serves the Wasatch Front. Lewiston State Bank serves the Logan, Utah and Preston, Idaho areas. When these two banks, that each have been around for more than 100 years, merged a few years ago, we wanted the strength from sharing resources, but we didn’t want to lose that community-banking relationship with our customers, so we renamed our shared banking charter People’s Intermountain Bank. We are creating a community-banking family so that we can continue to provide you, our customer, with a great, local experience that includes innovative technologies that are also safe and sound, as well as local expertise.

This fall, Town & Country Bank in St. George, Utah will also join the People’s Intermountain Bank family to serve Southern Utah. This division will operate as People’s Town & Country Bank.

It is important to all of us that we do not get away from our community-banking roots, but the reality is that small banks are under pressure from increased expenses due to technologies, regulations, and other factors. Our goal is to build a community-banking family. We believe we are the right size to have the products and technologies customers want, and to continue providing local expertise and extraordinary customer service. Knowing our customers personally and providing them with great service are two of our top priorities.

You will see the logos together sometimes.

Beginning in September 2017, you will see the different names and logos together, such as when you log in to online banking or view your eStatements. Some notices in the mail or by email or text will come from People’s Intermountain Bank. This is because we share back-office resources among our divisions.

Banking in the family.

One of the benefits of this community-banking family is that you will be able to use any of the locations in the family to do banking, just as you would your home branch. They will have access to your accounts in order to provide you with the same friendly service you get close to home.

Growing together.

As we continue to grow and to welcome new banks into our family as divisions, we will continue to focus on taking care of you with that extra touch that a community bank can provide. If you feel there is some way in which we can improve your banking experience, please let us know by emailing (not .com) or submit your feedback here.